Welcome to you on WE TRAVEL

Our primary goal with WE TRAVEL is to enable the community of travelers from around the world to interact, to be inspired by our adventures and those of other travelers. We also want to put at your disposal an effective tool to help you plan your travels. In addition, we are two girls who have a passion for art and photography and we want to convey our best shots of travel. All photos on this site are also taken by us and may not be used without our permission.

To help you use this blog to suit your needs, here’s a guide for the content of  WE TRAVEL

To learn more about us, go to the section Our journey.

In Destinations, you will find a fairly comprehensive summary of the destinations we visited. Our favorite will be marked with this symbol To access informations about some destinations explain more in details , visit our personal blogs here / Claudia ★ Jessica

In Let’s talk, you will find portraits of travelers under Globetrotters who travel the world and offer a personal outlook about it. (You want to be part of it? Go to the Contact Us section and leave us your contact information!). This is also where you will find our Thoughts on travel about certain topics directly related to travel. Do not miss the section Wlove it! with our favorite whether blogs, associations or project related to travel …

Avid travelers, the Tips section is for you! Whether to help you traveling on a tight budget or looking for answers to your questions in Q & A. Be sure to visit the section’s Must Visit where we created for you a selection of must-see places when you are traveling to a certain city. Being travelers ourselves, we know that sometimes we hesitate before calling a service, a company, etc. That’s why we created the section We’ve Tried It! where we share you our opinion.

Our project has pleased you and inspired you? You have ideas for projects or want to work with us? Have a question and did not find the answer on the blog? Want to advertise or let us know about your products / services? Feel free to write to us in the Contact Us section and we will be happy to answer you!

Enjouy your visit on WE TRAVEL

Jessica & Claudia xx


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